James W. Caron, Ed.D. Connections Child and Adolescent Group Program

Youth Social Landscape Survey

The Youth Social Landscape Survey is intended to provide baseline information regarding the social experience of children and adolescents, the challenges that children encounter as they manage their peer relationships, the types of supports parents provide, and the impact of children’s social experience on their sense of well-being.  We are also interested in collecting and sharing strategies that parents have found to be helpful, in facilitating their children’s social activities.  If you have already taken the questionnaire, you can request a copy of the summary, or send us suggestions and comments, by filling out the comment box below.  If you would like to complete the questionnaire, please click this link:

Youth Social Landscape Survey

You may complete the questionnaire more than once, if you would like to describe the social experience of more than one child.

We appreciate your participation in this research, and will post a summary as soon as it is completed!

If you would like to receive a summary of the results, or have questions or suggestions about the survey, please click on the link below, or send an email to connectionscagp@aol.com, using “Youth Social Landscape Survey” in the subject line.  Your comments are completely separate from the questionnaire you have submitted, which is anonymous and cannot be tracked or linked to your response below.

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