James W. Caron, Ed.D. Connections Child and Adolescent Group Program

Services Provided

The Connections Child and Adolescent Group Program provides group psychotherapy for children from ages 5 through 19. We also offer individual and family psychotherapy, to help support your child’s work in the group. We are committed to working collaboratively with your child’s psychotherapist, and we are available to provide more comprehensive services if your child does not have an individual psychotherapist.

Our groups share features with other group approaches, commonly called social skills groups, friendship groups, activity groups, pragmatic language groups, or children’s psychotherapy groups.  Our format combines open-ended social interaction, providing opportunities for guidance and coaching, with more structured presentation of social, emotional, and conversational strategies.

Separate individual and family psychotherapy services are also available.

Individual and Family Psychotherapy

Individual or family psychotherapy sessions are provided to supplement the child’s learning in the group.  We recommend brief individual or family sessions every 5-6 weeks for each group member, so that we can give individualized feedback, review progress toward goals, and revise or add new goals.  These sessions are designed to maximize your child’s acquisition of  social-emotional competence, and are not intended to replace a child’s ongoing psychotherapy with another therapist, if that is already in place.

For children, adolescents, or adults who are seeking individual psychotherapy as a primary modality (rather than group), or for group members who do not have an individual psychotherapist, traditional individual psychotherapy services are also available.  Please leave a message about your interests on the “Contact Us” page, and you will be contacted by phone to determine if there is a good fit between your needs and our areas of expertise, as well as availability, scheduling, etc.