James W. Caron, Ed.D. Connections Child and Adolescent Group Program

Provider Information

The Connections Child and Adolescent Group Program addresses the social dimensions of children’s primary psychological conditions, and is not viewed as a substitiute for other ongoing treatments.  Therefore, we support children in continuing with individual or family therapy, and we are committed to building collaborative relationships with each child’s psychotherapist.

Because of the number of children we serve, we often make referrals to other specialists, for psychological testing, medication evaluations, individual or family psychotherapy, advocacy for educational services, etc.  Please let us know about your area of specialization, by sending a brief message (go to the Contact Us page, and include “services provided” in the subject line).

If you have experience in conducting groups with children or adolescents and would like to work with us, please inquire by going to the Contact Us page, and  include “conducting groups” in the subject line.

As part of our ongoing effort to learn more about the range of group services available to children, we have prepared a survey for school-based group therapists, in collaboration with the Children’s Group Therapy Association.  This brief survey investigates the type and number of groups each school-based provider is offering, as well as the challenges encountered in conducting groups in schools and the types of supports that would be most helpful to school-based therapists.  If you would like to participate in this anonymous survey, please click on the link below: